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Welcome to Paranormal Headquarters, your source for everything from Ghosts and Ghost Hunting, to Aliens, UFO's, Mysterious Creatures, Vampires, and other recent discoveries around the country, the globe and across the universe. The Truth is out there and we want to help you take one more step towards it. We welcome anyone who believes in frightening or scary things, the supernatural, the haunted or the paranormal to join our ranks. If you have information to submit to us, please do not hesitate to send it. If you feel that you have something, someone or a potential haunted location that needs to be looked into feel free to contact us.

We welcome everyone from the novice, to experienced members of the paranormal community to contribute information and work with us so that we grow as a community. Our Paranormal Headquarters is a center for those things that society just does not understand. Statistically, most people in this world believe in ghosts, and some forms of paranormal activity, however, society does not generally accept it, so it is frowned upon. When a paranormal event occurs, people would rather sweep it under the rug, long to be forgotten. Instead, we want to address it, and research it. Both fact and fiction, we are open to the possibilities that some things are real, some things can be explained, some things are hoaxes, but other things are true paranormal events.

We thank you for visiting Paranormal HQ, and feel free to read or browse anything on our Website ranging not only from paranormal investigation, but parapsychology, clairvoyance, wiccan beliefs and spells, dryads, fairies, phantoms, banshees, spirits, EVP, ITC, hauntings and haunted houses, angels and demons, ouija, spiritualism, werewolves, vampires, healing, astrology, tarot, occult, witches, psychic's, horoscope, telepathy, telekinesis, supernatural, psycho kinesis, spirituality, past life regression, the unexplained, and various spiritual mediums.